Jeans & Pastels

Due to some problems in my camera, I can't post some photos i've taken with my cousins, so I'll just skip with my daily wear first. Yesterday, I went to eat lunch with my family and I manage to take some pictures thanks to my little brother, Therry who was willing to help me to take some pictures before eating. Thanks so much bro :D

I was wearing jeans shirt from MiuMiu, random pastel pink shorts, silver belt, Balenciaga nude bracelet, Coach nude bag and random nude flats, gift from my mom *thanks mom :D*. Jeans really goes with anything, right? and it looks nice with pastels \(^0^)/

Lost in Blue

Hello guys! Did you have a great holiday? I hope you do, because mine were great! My cousins came from Jakarta and we had so much fun, glad I can take some photos. enjoy ;)
Day 1, Batu, Warung Bamboe.
Such a beautiful place and fun place for children, because my cousins children are still under the age of 5, they get bored easily and so naughty, they ran all over the place and I have to help chase them all over the place too (x_x;). 

What I wear, black basic tank top from Mango, blue vest from Massimo Dutti, light blue random shorts and navy blue shoes from Taiwan. I don't know why, but I'm feeling to wear all blue these days.


Secret Mission by Perfectum

Here's my super secret mission, I only say this to you guys, so keep it as a secret! ;) We don't want this to leaked out, don't we? Enjoy :) by Perfectum Photoworks, they're awesome!

Birthday Dinner

After a long thinking, my sister, Vivian, decided to held her sweet 17 birthday party, privately last February, she wasn't the type who like big parties and performances. I'm helping her making her invitation, a sweet and simple invitation. I actually wanted to post this in February, but I'm kinda busy that month x_x so I post it now.
this was the first draft I made, but in the end it turns out to be like this 

Yes i'm in the right with the navy blue dress. This is a very funny photo, hat's why I chose this photo. At least I looked normal pheww... So, from the left in the girls row, Jessica Tattiana, the twins, my sister, Sherrylyne and Cecilia, my super bestfriends! In the boys row, from the left, Gerry (we called him Gee!), Calvin and Frederick. 3 best gentlemen I've ever known :p 

So I was wearing MiuMiu navy blue dress (it's actually a long top, but I kinda make it into a dress), Silver leaf earrings, Gothic cross ring and Zara open toe black basic heels and black belt.



This year is the time for my generation to have our sweetest day ever, Sweet 17 Birthday party. well, not all people, I mean girls want to held big parties, but who says small parties can't be memorable? So there'll be a lot of parties coming and as I passed some of the parties, most of my friends said that they like my dresses, so I think I'll share it with you guys too! Hope you like it :)

I know I looked fat in this photo. Yes I'm in the middle and they are my twins friends! Cute, aren't they! Presenting from the left, Janet and Janice, my smart and funny best friends! A simple yet elegant Sweet 17 party with black and white dresscode. I'm wearing SecondMe white dress, SecondMe necklace, Swarovski bracelet and Zara nude basic heels.

 My best friend, Calvin a.k.a mr photographer at that day ;) I'm wearing Miumiu jeans mini dress with JeffreyCampbell Lita in Cosmic and also an addition of random pearl necklace that I wear under my collar.
Private Sweet 17 in Jamoo, by my friend, Ivy, too bad I lost my photo with her -__- once again my twins friends are here too! They looked so adorable with matching little black dresses! Try to guess which one is Janet and which one is Janice. The left one is Janice and the right one is Janet, congrats to you guys who guessed right. ;)

sorry for the bad quality photo x_x I took this photo with blackberry, not a camera. For this party, it's not a sweet 17, it's a wedding party, it's a beautiful wedding party, with a very beautiful and sweet video telling their love story in a very creative way! I went to this wedding party with my sister and aunt and unexpectedly I met my bestfriend, Calvin there. I was wearing a gold Mango top with a very lovely designed back, black maxi skirt (tailor-made), LV small handbag, Zara black belt and random gold necklace.

This one is a colorful Sweet 17 party from my friend, Sensen. With everyone walking around in colorful dresses, this party looks amazing and cute. Here is me with my bestfriend Brandon. He's cute, isn't he?  I'm wearing a Nude-pinkish dress with fur accent (design and made by me and my mom and my tailor), Forever 21 nude pumps and LV small handbag

Hope you like it and don't forget to leave comments ;)


Therry's 15th Birthday

Yes, today is my little brother's birthday! I'm so happy for him! we spend the day with our parents and sister going to a restaurant to eat and celebrate his birthday! I LOVE his cakes, really really LOVE it, I mean... them! They're so cute and so contrast to each other. I know u'll love them too, enjoy my brother's small celebration ;) 

these are my photoshopped funny pictures inspired by 9gag. These icons (they called them memes) are very popular these days. They are so hilarious, so I made them for my brother.

Introducing Therry Stanley, my one and only little brother that I love the most :) He is so cute in these pics, usually he doesn't really want to take pics, but since today is an exception, I took so much of them.



The first cake, looks so classic and yummy, (I know it's not the best cake for boys, but it's his favorites anyway) and it's really delicious and very popular in Surabaya with the name Napoli. There are a lot of cakes there and all of them are delicious. You should try them :)

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake
The second very cute cake comes from my mom's friend, she bought it from "Dapur Cokelat", also another famous cakes shop due to that most of it's cakes are from chocolates and they're famous for their art in desserts, they can shape almost anything from chocolate!

The Birthday Boy