Behind The Scene - Model Hunt

So, after the PJ Photoworks model hunt first elimination,
my junior ask me to stay to take more photos for experimenting 
It was so much fun!!!
here are some of them

with my friend who was also joining the model hunt, Felly

the theme was white and jeans, if i'm not misremember :p.
so, i was wearing white shirt from cop.copine and jeans shorts a shop in Taiwan. Cop.copine has fabulous clothes, check them out! ;)

this last photo is my favorite :p
here i was wearing a long top from  a store in Surabaya, layers skirt made by myself, necklace from my mom's accessories box and shoes from Jessica.

Special Thanks to Albert Tobing Photography,
who happens to help with the Model Hunt :)

PJ Photoworks - Model Hunt

I join a model hunt that was held by my junior which is PJ Photoworks, you should check out their photos, they are awesome! i love their photos so much. here are my photos in the competition

 thanks to you guys who had voted me, thanks so much :* :*

thanks to PJ Photoworks for these photos, and for giving me opportunity to join your model hunt :)


hemmm... okay first of all
i think my yearbook photos this year will be awesome
they change the concept so it looks more various and modern
well, maybe i look mean in this photo but believe me i'm not ><
so here's my class photo followed by my group's, leave me comments to see the types of other photos

u recognized me? yes the one in the back left, mean? i hope not :D


been a long time since my last post huh?
sorry for the break
i don't really know what to post X(
been so busy with school >.<
so here are my photos for the last few months 
Thanks so much for visiting my blog
please leave comments :)