9PIB2 what a memory XDXD

miss u guys!!!
:'( :'(
this picture just make me miss you guys more!!! :'(
really want to meet you guys :'(
Fellz, Natux, Lauie, Eve, Janice, Sherry, Jessy, Sammie, Kathy, Bitong, Gerong, Isaac, Wonka, David, Roland, Juan, Marmar and Oli miss you guys so much hope we can be in 1 class like we are in 9 PIB 2

today is so much fun XD

today i had a photo shoot with my friends, felly (as model), natasha (as model), lia (as model + photographer), Lia's bro, Didi (photographer), Lia's sister, Ninik (photographer), and Lia's lil' cousin, lil feli (we call her lil' because there is another felly wkwk) XDXD. the theme is Summer Vacation with Friends but i haven't got any photo yet so i can't post it yet, but as soon as i get the photos, i'll post it! XD hope it'll turn out great (me, I mean because i'm not that photogenic so i didn't have any self confidence X( )
okay, first we go to Citraland to take some pictures, then we move to hare and hatter to get something to eat (and to take some pictures xP) then we move again tooo... Waterplace and take some pictures there until maybe 6.30 and we head home (because it's too dark already, might find our parents got angry :p) but it was so much fun!! thanks to Lia and Fam XD hope we can do it again later ;p well then ciao guys ;)



@ WP with my lil bro (well, he's not "lil" anymore wkww ) XDXD


The Forbidden Game

Just read this AWESOME book~ XDXD
by L.J Smith rate : 5/5 XD
here's the story and the book...

When jenny buys a game for her boyfriend, Tom, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the guy who sells it to her. There is something mysteriously alluring about Julian's pale eyes and bleached-blond hair. And when he places the Game into her hands, she knows their connection is something much deeper.

But as Jenny and her friends begin to play the Game, an evening of friendship and fun quickly turns into a night of terror and obsessive love. Because the Game isn't just a Game - it's their new reality, where Julian reigns as the Prince of the Shadows.

One by One jenny and her friends must confront their deepest fears to try and win the Game. Because to lose the Game is to lose their lives. And that is only the beginning...

interesting huh?? ;)
it is kind of the next book of the Night World but don't worry the story isn't related at all (just only for this book). The other Night World books somehow are related and really interesting.

hey guys!!

Today was fun!!! XDXD
i just went to TP ( Tunjungan Plaza) with Natasha (@nattssanjaya), Jessica (@blubeerypie), Evelyn (@evelynNyoto), Bella, Audrey (@dinkosh), another Natasha (@natashaaudi) wkwk, Ji soon, Juanda, Jason,Yonathan (@yonathansaed) and Ian :):). Follow us!! Follow us!!! XDXD PS: no pressure just kidding ;) we had fun because today's hang out we just talk about many things @ the fudcourt "gossiping" around wkakak :p kidding we do no harm :p ;) let's do it again!!! XDXD


6th day

time to go home but i'm sure i'm still have A LOT of photos but on my camera n unfortunately that camera is my cousin's and she is in Bali right now TT , i'll put it on blog as soon as i got the photos XDXD
can't wait to see the photos ( i haven't saw the result photo at all) XPXP hope i didn't look fat :p
on the 6th day i wore blue n jeans maxi dress from cop.copine and wedges from troi+inches cardigan from stradivarius and accessories that i forgot where i got that kwkwkwk :p
K' off to bed!! C u soon!! XDXD
-will always waiting for ur comments XD-

5th Day XD SA (Shopping Adventure) XP

@ Hermes fetching a bag ;p narcissing around with my cousin :p

5th Day XD SA (Shopping Adventure) XP

hemmm.. back to FOX 30% off!! XDXD bought A LOT of things for my lil bro n me XDXD
a little narcissing around would b ok right?? ;p
Top : Mango Cardigan : Kamisetta Bottom : Mango Shoes : unknown accesorries : unknown bag : Burberry XD


@ Hollywood section with Mr.Frankie :p XDXD finally after a LONG queue i can take a photo with u Mr.Frankie wkwkwk XD

4th day - Universal Studio XDXD

still @ the same place XD there were A LOT people that day especially in that place because it's a spot for camera action! :p so i have to find a tiny spot where i can take a pic of my own alone wakakkakakaka :p

4th day - Universal Studio XDXD

narcissing around @ Universal still in the New York section ;)

4th day - Universal Studio XDXD

@ the New York section it's similar to the real thing!! AWESOME!!! XDXD it's (from left to right) vivian, jenny n me ;)
wat i wear, top : unknown cardigan : stradivarius bottom : FOX sneakers : Playboy :) Sunglasses : Forever 21 XD accessories : unknown

3rd day

@ Marina Bay walking on FOOT from The Sands until The Singapore Flyer I was dying back then *huff* -.-a

3rd day

i forgot where i was at that time -.-a
Dress : Perme :)
cardigan : Stradivarius

still the 2nd day XD

fooling around with my cousin, vivian ;) trying cute fedora hats @ UniGlo @ION ;)

still the 2nd day XD

candid by my lil cute cousin Jenny XDXD @ GAP emmm.. i thinkk... Wisma Atria??? hope it's right :p

still the 2nd day XD

@ FOX ION XD narcissing around ;)
Top : Perme Bottom : Secondme Shoe : Playboy XD accessories : unknown

2nd day

@ Esprit in Sgp :):) doin nothing - waiting for my cousins doin' their shopping wkwkw :p

1st day clothes :p

so sorry if it's not clear enough
i'm in a hurry back then X(
top : Perme
bottom : Stradivarius
Accessories : unknown ;)


Universal in Sgp ;)

@ Universal Studio in Singapore
What a FUN place!!! XDXD
i went there with my mother and my cousins XD



goin' to Singapore
see u later ><
will miss u <3


just taking photo be narsis for a while :p @ waterplace 0606 :)

@ my room :):) my room is half pink and half blue!!! XDXD

@ Galaxy Mall :p fooling around


fiuh :p



@ Hare n Hatter a new cafe. It's A MUST TRY!! really cute cafe with a really cute deco n really delicious cakes!! XDXD

fooling around (again) XP Top : Cop Copine Bottom : Mango Accessories : Perme XD Shoes : Playboy :)


it's been a long time wkwkw :p:p
i dunno what to say but hope that my photos can inspire you :p
and aybe can cheer you up :p XD
if you have any question like, where was i taking that photo or what clothing line was i wearing just ask me on comment okay??
will always waiting :p <3