today is so much fun XD

today i had a photo shoot with my friends, felly (as model), natasha (as model), lia (as model + photographer), Lia's bro, Didi (photographer), Lia's sister, Ninik (photographer), and Lia's lil' cousin, lil feli (we call her lil' because there is another felly wkwk) XDXD. the theme is Summer Vacation with Friends but i haven't got any photo yet so i can't post it yet, but as soon as i get the photos, i'll post it! XD hope it'll turn out great (me, I mean because i'm not that photogenic so i didn't have any self confidence X( )
okay, first we go to Citraland to take some pictures, then we move to hare and hatter to get something to eat (and to take some pictures xP) then we move again tooo... Waterplace and take some pictures there until maybe 6.30 and we head home (because it's too dark already, might find our parents got angry :p) but it was so much fun!! thanks to Lia and Fam XD hope we can do it again later ;p well then ciao guys ;)

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