G's BDAE PARTY!!! XDXD so this is me and my friends.. some of them actually ;)
this is me and Cecil XD my best friend, hemm... i have many best friend actually :p thanks to our loyal photographer, one of the twins, Janice we can take photos there!! XDXD Love you Janiceee :* :p
Those people are also my best friend, once again Cecil, me, and one of the twins, Janet XD Love them!!! :* :* BFF FOREVER!! XD me and my friends really like to take photos in the restroom -.-a but the results are good XDXD
Those people are my friends from different classes but still as close as sisters XD Sweet Girls huh?? wkwkwkkw from the left Cecil, Florensia, Me, behind me is Janet, Natasha, Stephanie, and Lauren XDXD