Random Illustrations

another random illustration
i made it because i'm in the bad mood at that time
but it's always fun to make something like this
it's like to pour all your feelings out.
i'm going to make another one next time
but not bad mood mode on
maybe something cute instead :D



Cita Hati School just held a musical production that is called as "Broken Wings"
It was held in Galaxy Mall Exhibition
and there are a lot of people who were interested in it.
There are many Cita Hati's students who also participated in this musical production
including me, as one of the dancers
here's some of the photos i took before the performance as the dancer's group :
and here's some photos i took right before the performance began :
me with cecil, my bestfriend ;)
and here's with my other bestfriend who participated as the usher of the production, Janet :
oh i also really love the quotes of the musical production
it says,
"you'll never know where small steps will lead"

Girl's Night Out

fashion tags :
top : Mango
cardigan : Zara
jeans : random brand
heels : cloak heels


we have a new school activity right now!!!
which is called as the "Mission Week"
It's a mission where we will donate books to build a new library for the poor
so that they can learn to read and gain more knowledge
that they can get much better job in their productive ages.
We are hoping that all the students of Cita Hati can help support this Mission Week
and to donate some of their own money to help the construction of the library too.
donations as books will be much more better than other things.
oh right as you can see, i'm also the one who made the piggy bank poster
isn't the piggy bank looks cute?!
wait it looks more hilarious LOL
well, start donating CH's STUDENTS!!!
we will really appreciate your donations 0:)
and God bless you XD
Thanks guys!

Guitar-goin' rock n' roll!!

another illustration i make using Adobe Illustrator CS3
it's certainly not easy
i did this with my eyes always on my laptop screen
i prefer making illustrations immediately after i get inspirations
so that it still fresh in my mind
i also love this one!!! but it looks so amateur
i'll try harder next time
mind for me being a beginner of this :D
Thanks! XD
oh right, i might use this for the school's band competition poster
but there's also another possibility that i'll make a new one
when i finished, i'll post it here ;)

Mitzy Kallula

this is one of my illustrations which i just randomly think about.
i like this kind of illustration because it's cute and i even made one for my friend, Novia
which i will post later.
it's so hard to make this x_x
due to that i'm not a professional, i made this one by one
that it takes a long time
and immediately made my fingers numb.
but i enjoyed making this ;)
here's Novia's :


Love Papercranes ;)

this is taken today,
with the help of Jessica Natalie Wijaya
who made the lovely TINY paper cranes
and I take the photographs and edited them a little :D
aren't they ADORABLE?
i love them!!!!
i really really want to learn about photography anyway
but i don't have any camera TT.TT
i hope i am able to learn it one day

blue is the new black

new nailart
gonna be my new favorite
it has a very nice blue color right?
i LOVE blue!! XD
make it just in the tip of my nails
so that it won't looked so bright yet so plain

Purple Silverish Dress for Wedding Party

this is a dress that i design for my uncle's wedding
unfortunately, i lost my design in Medan,
where the wedding was held
it's a nice purple silverish dress
with laces everywhere
PS : that dress is so HEAVY
because i made it in layers,
i mean i ask the tailor to make it in layers
so that it will looked cuter
i spent so much time to look for the best cloth
feel so happy that it turns out great :D
special thanks to my mom, who help me to pay :D
and my tailor, u're the best!
fashion tags :
dress : made by me
bag : LV
shoes : Perme

fall fashion

fashion tags :
top : black t-shirt, Mango
shawl : pull&bear
skirt : pull&bear

Gothica Chica

fashion tag :
top : tank, Mango
leather jacket, Perme
short : random brand
bag : Burberry Blue Label
Shoes : Ankle Boots, Steve Madden


inspirational quotes

"If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes"
St. Clement of Alexandra

"Imagination is the eye of the soul"
Joseph Joubert

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal"
Pamela Vaull Starr

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Fashion Quotes

"I don't design clothes. I design dreams"
Ralph Lauren

"So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date"
Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

"We live not according to reason, but according to fashion"

"When a person is in fashion, all they do is right"
Lord Chesterfield

Sunday Morning...

These are photos that I randomly took in Lenmarc
I really like the view from up there!!

happy sunday

fashion tags :
top : Mango
short : random brand
belt : Guess
ring : Gothic Princess

French Course

ok, je vais commencer avec ma sur la France
il a ete un mois de folie
parce que cette langue est si dur!
au Je d'abord commencer par une enseignante locale
J'ai remercie Dieuparce elle ne peut toujours parler indonesien

les 2 ou 3 prochaines semaines, j'ai a enseigne avec un professeur natif
je me disais "huh?" et toujours dit "je ne sui pas" qui dire que je ne sais pas
rire tout le chemin que vous voulez
au mois prochain, mon enseignant nouveau changé en une autre enseignant local
j'etudiais plus en ce mois
parce mon enseignant moi enseigner tout en jouant "Scrabble"
Je sais que c'est impossible pour moi de parler couramment aujourd'hui encore
donc j'ai encore besoin de l'aide de mon livres et mon enseignant
meme quand je j'ecris cela, je mettre mon livre a cote de moi: D

okay, i'll start with my France course
it has been a crazy months
because this language is so hard!!
at first i start with a local teacher
i thanked God because she still can speak Indonesian

the next 2 or 3 weeks, i've been taught with a native teacher
i was like "huh?" and always said "je ne sui pas" which mean i don't know
laugh all the way you want
the next month, my teacher changed again into another local teacher
i studied more in that month
because my teacher teach me while playing "scrabble"
i know it's impossible for me to speak fluently even now
so i still need the help of my books and my teacher
even when i'm writing this, i put my book beside me :D

*this is not the real French spelling*


SO, i don't really know what first to post
any idea to help me?
maybe i'll post random things
hope the school will be fine with it :D

Bonjour ;)

bonjour! vous savez quoi?
je l'amour aujourd'hui!!
parce je pouvez demarrer a bloguer nouveau!!

maintenant au sujet principal
je dois mettre des raisons pourquoi je digne d'etre un erudit
a cause de mes conditions de l'ecole
j'espere donc cela peut vous inspireront les gars
et je vais aussi mettre beaucoup de choses ici
jouir ;)

Hi! you know what?
I love today!!
because i can start blogging again!!

back to the main topic
i have to put reasons why i fit to be a scholar
due to my school conditions
i hope it can inspires you guys
and i also will put many things here
enjoy ;)

*this is not the real French spelling*