Jeans & Pastels

Due to some problems in my camera, I can't post some photos i've taken with my cousins, so I'll just skip with my daily wear first. Yesterday, I went to eat lunch with my family and I manage to take some pictures thanks to my little brother, Therry who was willing to help me to take some pictures before eating. Thanks so much bro :D

I was wearing jeans shirt from MiuMiu, random pastel pink shorts, silver belt, Balenciaga nude bracelet, Coach nude bag and random nude flats, gift from my mom *thanks mom :D*. Jeans really goes with anything, right? and it looks nice with pastels \(^0^)/

Lost in Blue

Hello guys! Did you have a great holiday? I hope you do, because mine were great! My cousins came from Jakarta and we had so much fun, glad I can take some photos. enjoy ;)
Day 1, Batu, Warung Bamboe.
Such a beautiful place and fun place for children, because my cousins children are still under the age of 5, they get bored easily and so naughty, they ran all over the place and I have to help chase them all over the place too (x_x;). 

What I wear, black basic tank top from Mango, blue vest from Massimo Dutti, light blue random shorts and navy blue shoes from Taiwan. I don't know why, but I'm feeling to wear all blue these days.