Jeans & Pastels

Due to some problems in my camera, I can't post some photos i've taken with my cousins, so I'll just skip with my daily wear first. Yesterday, I went to eat lunch with my family and I manage to take some pictures thanks to my little brother, Therry who was willing to help me to take some pictures before eating. Thanks so much bro :D

I was wearing jeans shirt from MiuMiu, random pastel pink shorts, silver belt, Balenciaga nude bracelet, Coach nude bag and random nude flats, gift from my mom *thanks mom :D*. Jeans really goes with anything, right? and it looks nice with pastels \(^0^)/


  1. LOVABLE !

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  2. Ming! I love the bracelet <3 <3
    And you look pretty *as always*
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    Thankies :D

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