Dragon & Phoenix

Just finished a random painting
call it dragon and phoenix

i know it's far from professional's
any comment guys?

D&G Photowork

Another photoshoot XD
this time thanks to D and G photowork,
Derian and Gimbal(Christian) photowork
here are the photos

I looked very fat and weird in this photo :(
i'm weird here, aren't i?
i love this one the most \(^A^)/


Fashion Parade

just receive the photos of the photoshoot i've done with Lauie
BIG SPECIAL THANKS to Laurentia Editha
here's some of the photos

LOVE this photoshoot very much \(^o^)/

Elementary Friends Reunion

Just have a reunion happy moments but few photos :'(
have a very fun day with all my old friends
BIG thanks for you guys :* :*
hope to hang with you guys again soon!


finally i can start posting again.. huff
Love my blog!! XDXD
Anyway, i just went to Bali and my mother just learn about photography and here are some of them XD
Enjoy ;;)
there are many more, but i can't post it all sorry :(
i'll try to post more one day :D