AFTER SCHOOL unis :p with laptop and my favorite rainbow shoes ;) XDXD

FF FOODFEST!!! (where we all turns into pigs!!) :p

This is AFTER SCHOOL me with my sport uniform ;) the most comfortable of all wkwkwk :p:p
OY i always pull up my sleeves because it's too long and if i keep it down, I look ridiculous >< just hoping i didn't look ridiculous here :p


Felt so long ago, i haven't post anything yet -.-" okay this is me last Saturday before i went to FF (FoodFest) to meet my friend. :):) White Mango top with orange baby doll with FOX plaid shorts ;) i wore my FAVORITE Juicy slippers XD and white bangles :)



I REALLY wonder how can I make photos bigger, i think it's too small -__- it's annoying me -__- if you know PLEASE tell me i REALLY need it O.0 i'm too curious -.-" HELP MEE!!! *stressed*

Warm Summer ;)

this were the clothes i used this past few days when i was still on my holiday :'( soo i wore a white shirt from mango and an orange baby doll shirt ;) i like the color, it's warm and light :) oh and i wore a short from... i think it's unbranded and i forgot where did i buy it -___-" SORRY!! and i also choose my bag which i bought from ION, Singapore but there's no doll i broke the doll :'( :'( and i wore dark brown wedges from Mango and cute earrings, unbranded from Taiwan :)
okay THAT DAY i was going to Jetz Dentist because my little brother has some kind of PROBLEM with his teeth so i was doing nothing. Then after a few minutes i went out and ask my servant to take a photo of me and my accessories that day. Emm.. i'm not the type that wear many kinds of accessories at the same time but i didn't not like it either :) okay, so i wore my usual ring from Gucci, and add a ring that i bought from Ayumi at Atum Mall in Surabaya, and to complete it an unbranded white bangle that i bought from Taiwan :)


This third photo is me (i don't know why but i always in the left) and my cute friend Janet, too bad i can't take photos with her twin, Janice -__- Janice always run away from me. Maybe she thinks i'm weird or somethin' hahahha :p :p well i don't really mind hwhwhw :p well just enjoy my blog tell me if i got any mistakes that you guys don't like ;) o yeah she was wearing the SPORT uniform, the sport uniform's great and kinda simple but it's okay and the short is simple either -___-


okay this is the second photo me (again on the left) and Lauren she was wearing the same blouse as me but she was wearing Cita Hati's trousers and i was wearing Cita Hati's skirt. This is one of the "i-like-it" things in Cita Hati Senior School, girls are ALLOWED to wear trousers that Cita Hati made and sold \(^0^)/, well i like it becauseee it's NOT that BAD and it makes me easier to move @ school ;) but i kinda hate the blouse because the cloth is too hot and Surabaya can't be any hotter right? ;) so I really hope that CH can make'em with cooler cloth -__-

First Senior High School Day XD

okay in the first day i take photos with my friends wearing our new senior high school uniforms IMMEDIATELY, in this photo me (in the left) with cecil XD (the right one of course ^^) i think i look weird in this clothes am i not?? :'(

Hare and Hatter

okay this is my favorite Cafe, Hare and Hatter and this is one of the box if you buy any cake it's cute and colorful ^^ LOVE'em o yeah the cake tastes wonderful too! XDXD but still for me it's not sweet enough :p oh you guys better believe me, their cream mushroom fettucini tastes so delicious!!! so bad i didn't take any picture of it. -__-

Stripes is the new Black :p LOL

okay, hello guys, that's my new bb case chocolate case, it's CUTE but it's too SQUARE hahaha it makes my bb looks fatter and bigger and hard to hold so i change it into a newer one with simple design and black seems dynamic and simple ;) aannddd my new one piece! isn't it look clearer this time?? I hope so.. sorry can't find clearer photo. HATE it so much when i got no enough photos >:( next time i'll take MORE photos :D


Black n White Stripes :)

i just got this new stripes off shoulder one piece from my friend well it is unclear in this photo but i like this photo so just wait if you want to see the clear one okay? thanks for the patience :):)

My SUPER CUTE little cousin :D

My SUPER CUTE little cousin XD. her name is Shannon :) isn't she cute??? XD in this photo she was wearing either hanbok or yukata but STILL CUTE huh?? XDXD

New Nail Arts XD

so this is my newest Nail Art, i've made it weeks ago but i forgot to post it here SO SORRY!!! X( i like this cute nail art and i took it from the magazines. i hope we can share our opinions about this nail art :)



I've been really TRYING to make my photos bigger somehow but i can't :'(. If one of you guys know how to do it lemme know okay?? i really need it :( Thanks before guys :)

May God always bless u Greatgrandma

tonight i just got a really sad news, my greatgrandmother just passed away. my mother is so sad and so do i. I really love my greatgrandma even though this past few months, she always forgot about me. She didn't get any disease like Alzheimer but maybe because she's 99 years old. I really miss her. :( but i'll be strong!! i know she wouldn't be happy if i'm sad. :) . but i really don't think that she will be gone this soon :'( God please bless her!! :'(

Home Sweet Home XD

Hello guys!! just back from WaterPlace ;) so tiring and fun!! XD soooo.. There are many blogs now huh?? hehe many of my friends have blogs too :) it's very fun XD so what about you?? don't you want to make one too??? ;)


Thanks Lauren!!!!! XDXD bicycle time!! XD

PJ Photoworks

Thanks Lauren!!

this is my favorite!!!! XDXD

Thanks Lauren!!

Thanks Lauren!!



my header for this blog are some of my new photos thanks to Lauren i love it so much!! XDXD :* :*


ECLIPSE ROCKSS!!! XDXD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE BREAKING DAWN!! Some Magazines said that Breaking Dawn's premiere will be on the 18th November 2011 and i'm SO HAPPY!! why? because it's my birthday date!! XDXD can't wait!! OMG XDXD o yeah today i will post my photos as i had promised ;) oh and i was taking another photoshoot with my friends Natasha and our loyal and brilliant photographer, Lauren XD


Third Session

fifth photo : Left : Felly, Middle : me, Right : Natasha
OMG! i look ugly!!! X(X(X(X :'

sixth photo : Left : me, Middle : Felly , Right : Natasha ;)

Second Session

3rd photo : left : Natasha, Middle : me, Right : Felly

4th photo : Left : me, Middle : felly, Right: Natasha :)

PJ Photoworks

1st photo : Left: me Right : Felly :)
i love this one!! XDXD

these are some of the photos taken by Lia (Preiscylia Jennifer / PJ) XD
models : left : Natasha, Middle : me, Right : Felly :)
PS: Let me know if you got some comments ;)


twins n Grace XD

today i went to Galaxy Mall.. again... well i'm getting bored to that place BUT it's the nearest place from my house :p
SO.. i went there with the Twins and my new friend, Grace :). FYI, the twins are Janet and Janice. XD okay, we bought some ice cream and frozen yoghurt and just sitting there at the JCO's :p well because we have nowhere to go there we decided to sit there and talk a.k.a gossiping wwkkw :p kiddin' we also talking about horor movies because Grace loves them so much... well maybe i'll try watching Phobia then... MAYBE :p okay back to the topic, we had a very nice time yet SHORT that's why i want to go again other time :) unfortunately, i take no picture sorry :'(