Therry's 15th Birthday

Yes, today is my little brother's birthday! I'm so happy for him! we spend the day with our parents and sister going to a restaurant to eat and celebrate his birthday! I LOVE his cakes, really really LOVE it, I mean... them! They're so cute and so contrast to each other. I know u'll love them too, enjoy my brother's small celebration ;) 

these are my photoshopped funny pictures inspired by 9gag. These icons (they called them memes) are very popular these days. They are so hilarious, so I made them for my brother.

Introducing Therry Stanley, my one and only little brother that I love the most :) He is so cute in these pics, usually he doesn't really want to take pics, but since today is an exception, I took so much of them.



The first cake, looks so classic and yummy, (I know it's not the best cake for boys, but it's his favorites anyway) and it's really delicious and very popular in Surabaya with the name Napoli. There are a lot of cakes there and all of them are delicious. You should try them :)

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake
The second very cute cake comes from my mom's friend, she bought it from "Dapur Cokelat", also another famous cakes shop due to that most of it's cakes are from chocolates and they're famous for their art in desserts, they can shape almost anything from chocolate!

The Birthday Boy

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