Birthday Dinner

After a long thinking, my sister, Vivian, decided to held her sweet 17 birthday party, privately last February, she wasn't the type who like big parties and performances. I'm helping her making her invitation, a sweet and simple invitation. I actually wanted to post this in February, but I'm kinda busy that month x_x so I post it now.
this was the first draft I made, but in the end it turns out to be like this 

Yes i'm in the right with the navy blue dress. This is a very funny photo, hat's why I chose this photo. At least I looked normal pheww... So, from the left in the girls row, Jessica Tattiana, the twins, my sister, Sherrylyne and Cecilia, my super bestfriends! In the boys row, from the left, Gerry (we called him Gee!), Calvin and Frederick. 3 best gentlemen I've ever known :p 

So I was wearing MiuMiu navy blue dress (it's actually a long top, but I kinda make it into a dress), Silver leaf earrings, Gothic cross ring and Zara open toe black basic heels and black belt.

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