Essay - Scholarship

Many people said that my essay is too short (Thanks guys!), so i'm going to add something here ;). I love Cita Hati! Always be the most interesting school for me despite for the hard projects and tasks :D. Anyway, I'm so delightful that i am able to receive a scholarship from Cita Hati School and i'm so proud of it. It has been a hard year, because it's the first year in the senior high yet it is the year when we start to learn MORE. I've been stressed out and not only once, but i always can control and keep up the good work. Most people say that I always can do everything new when i just learn about them, which is going to be my strength in living and studying. I've always like to learn something new, especially interesting ones. I can give you my word that i will improve my academic achievements, I have to anyway :p due to make my parents proud of me. All this time I spend in Cita Hati School, I always tried my best in everything and i will still try my best until I graduated. The way that i like the most to enjoy anything is to make them serious but fun, that way I always can learn faster. I've always thanked Cita Hati School for giving me chances to receive the scholarship and be able to join so many fun and challenging activities, but i also hoping that Cita Hati school will give me another chance for scholarship for the next year.I always like and I will participate in activities that the school held like Broken WIngs, the Musical Production, the hip hop performance in join devotions, and stuffs like that. I also aim for joining the design competitions under the name of Cita Hati, but i'm still practicing my designs, so that i won't make Cita Hati down. Oh and i'm also starting to take an interest in photography and i've posted some of my photographs in this blog, just check it in photoshoots labels. I will always keep my good behavior and try to stop the bad ones, no one perfect after all ;).
Thank You and God bless you. XD
Best Regard, Mitzy Kallula

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