CHBC (Cita Hati Band Competition)

we, the student body held a new event which is called CHBC, Cita Hati Band Competition. Yes, as it says, it's the battle of the bands!! Gonna be so interesting!! Can't wait! :p hope the best wins. Let's ROCK OUT THE SCHOOL!!!! XDXD
oh i'm helping them making the poster, i'll post it, wait...
confuse with both of them, but my friends said that i should go with the colorful one so it will attract attention more, so i chose the colorful one!!! Are they good enough? I hope so :s. Thanks for giving me chances to make poster like this by the way, I'm sorry if it's too long because I also have a lot of tasks and projects :s
Thanks for Google to help me making this poster, i can't do this without you :p

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