Tutti Frutti - Christina Otero

This is a very refreshing artworks from Christina Otero that just make me want to do the same shoot, because it looks fun and fresh. By the way, Christina Otero is 16 year old girl from Spanish! Her photos are superb! you can check her other artworks here. Let's get awed with her Tutti Frutti shoots below <3

The combination of the hair, the make up, the nails, they're awesome! I wonder where did she find such beautiful models with so clear eyes that makes you mesmerized when you see them. I really wish I had eyes like them. Well, nobody's perfect! The contrast of this last photo, blue and orange, make it even popped out that everyone awed by them. The third photo from the last is my favorite photo of all. it's sexy, beautiful, fresh and simple, well all the photos are, but I like it the best :) Hope you enjoy. 

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